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    Hi all,

    Is it possible to call a set of forms from a controller and then on input from, say a button call another set into flash.Reason I ask is because I'm running out of room, (13355) and would like to split my forms down into smaller size groups that can be individually run as required.

    Using 43-pt, ViSi-genie and Running from flash, controller is a mega.


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    Maybe the question is unclear or I should just redo all the program in Visi, but the question still stands and I apologise if this has been discussed before but is it possible to call individual ViSi-Genie program's from a master controller such as a mega or indeed from a master form/program as and when required. the issue I'm facing is I'm running out of memory.
    Appreciate any help anybody can give.


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      Which version of workshop are you using? has some 'relief' from running out of memory (but has an issue handling sounds, we hope to have a fix available very soon)

      You cannot call different genie programs from a master controller, sorry.

      You may need to redo the program in ViSi.

      Would you like to post it so we can have a look to see if there is any other way out?


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        Apologies for not getting straight back, moving at the moment so trying it at work!
        With your advice I have downloaded the latest version and its loading ok with the following results'
        size 12649
        ram size 13544, base 524, disk 38, Img + font controls 578, elements 12404.
        Still doesn't give me much to work with.

        I use around 20 odd track bars along with custom digits to change min and max levels on sensors and when set just read the digits. Suspect I could maybe reduce the size a lot using a screen numeric keyboard to change them along with a higher lower button per min and max for every sensor, coding on the controller would increase but that's not an issue. would have to loop the functional within the controller whilst buttons are pressed so as to not miss them.
        Shame about the calling of programs, many thanks