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Can't set background colour

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  • Can't set background colour


    I am using your Ardunio library at the moment to try and set the background colour but I am having no luck with it.

    I start up the module i clear the screen and I try to set a background colour but it never gets set. I even try to wait 5 second between clearing the screen and setting the background colour. But it does not work. The module respond to me just fine.

    It had worked a few times before when I tired it but now it not working at all. The module returns ACK.

    Any advise

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    Could someone let me know the command for setting background colour. As far as I understand it is 0xFFA4. I tried sending these commands and I tried to set the colour to 0xFFFF but the module refuses to change it's colour.

    For now I am just drawing rectangle to set BG colour. But would be nice to have the feature.
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      The command 'sets' the background colour.

      It has no effect on the screen.

      When you do the next command that needs the background colour it will be drawn using the newly set colour.

      So you can use Clear Screen to change the entire screen to the new colour, or maybe change colour (quite slow) if you don't want to redraw the current screen.


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        Ok thanks got it. I believe i miss understood the purpose.