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display wont show any graphics

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  • display wont show any graphics

    I have received a uLCD-43PT deveploment kit and complied a few demo samples using Visi.
    It does download the complied code and then shows 'mounting...' , but thats all - No graphics

    I have downloaded the latest pmmC for the display and all of this seems to complete 100%

    I have written a simple piece of code just to show basic strings which it does display on the screen,

    putstr("My 1st String \n");

    so my problem is none of the sample with graphics will work at all

    any ideas what I am doing wrong ?


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    The uSD card needs to be formatted as FAT16.

    Is it?

    What size is it?


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      It's 2Gbyte that came with the kit

      Does it need to be formatted ?.

      Will the grpahics not run witout the uSD ?

      I thought it could run from the flash or ram



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        All the graphics live on the uSD.

        You need to copy the graphics to the card when prompted from within workshop and place the card in the display.


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          If you are not yet that familiar with how to compile and download a program in ViSi, you may want to go to page 9 of this application note:

          Remember to choose the correct drive for your uSD card.

          You can also see page 34 of the ViSi User's Guide:



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            got it working, many thanks for those who helped

            I have another few questions, hope this is the correct forum to ask ?

            1. Is it possible to make a square botton say 80x80 , puts some text on it and make it clickable (ie touched)

            2. Have the meter widget show 0-15 where I can move the needle to say 13.8 (ie battery volts meter)

            3. Is there an tutourial to make an image with say just a outline shape and have some LED widgets both inside the object and just outside of it ? (basically to show the status of some points of a building outline)

            4. can one build an application with the visi genie and then once it has all the forms etc, add my own code to do other functions that would be required,

            Many thanks for the advise


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              1. You can do many things with the 'standard' button, it can easily be made 80x80 and have text put on it. Making it square is a bit harder, (why would you want to do it?), just put an image the size of the button on it and change appearance spacing to 0.

              2. The meter widget cannot do decimals. The Angular meter and coolgauge can.

              3. Create your 'outline shape' as an image and make it the form background. Then place the led widgets wherever you need them.

              4. No that currently cannot be done, if that is your intent, it's probably better to start with ViSi.