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Support with Serial Interface for displaying images

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  • Support with Serial Interface for displaying images

    I'm way in over my head. I'm a hardware guy, and I've been testing the 4D for one our new products and I can do some stuff using ViSi, but final product uses the display as a Serial Device, and I need to do a routine for testing all displays at the assembly line.

    I've created a Graphics package using the Graphics Composer, and I drop that into a FAT16 formatted microSD card, but I don't know what commands to send. I am using Visual Studio 2010 with Visual C# for my test application (I test other peripherals too), and I can't figure out what serial commands I need to send to display all the different images.

    There are a total of 7 static images and 1 animated gif in my graphics package.

    Can you guys help?

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    Hi Guscrown,

    What 4D display are you using?

    After building your graphics files and copying them to the uSD card, you can load the display with a ViSi or Designer program to access the graphics files and display them onscreen. I think you have done this already.

    For your application, the next step is now to configure the display as a serial slave device. This is by loading it with the SPE (Serial Platform Environment) application. You can then send the correct serial commands to the display for it to access and show the contents of the graphics files on the uSD card.

    The Serial Command Set Reference Manuals for Goldelox, Picaso, and Diablo16 can be found here (scroll down to the Serial Environment Documentation section).

    Also, there are application notes for this topic (FAT16 format):

    4D-AN-P5002 Serial Getting Started - The Serial Platform Environment Application

    4D-AN-P5005 Serial Displaying Images using an Arduino Host

    You can use the latter as a reference only. The attached document may also help.

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      Dammit, forgot to mention which display. I am using uLCD-43P (Non Touch). Do you happen to have a C# example of showing images from the FAT16 partition?