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Trouble installing Workshop4 IDE for Windows

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  • Trouble installing Workshop4 IDE for Windows

    I apologize in advance, because I'm probably making some bonehead mistake.

    I have the 32" uLCD-32PTU PICASO Display. I'm trying to install the 4D Systems Workshop4 IDE. I've downloaded it multiple times, followed the installation guide tutorial, checked the FAQs PDF, and glossed over the forum here to see if anyone else is having the same trouble I am, trying to solve the problem myself first.

    Essentially, the installation process starts and I follow all the instructions. The configuration window is running and the status bar keeps filling in to 100%, resetting, and filling in again. I've let it run over night to make sure I'm not just being impatient. The installation never completes. I've turned off antivirus, shut down my firewall, and everything else I can think of that could possibly keep the process from completing.

    I'm running 64 Win8. I'm not entirely new to installing and running IDE's (Eclipse, Cygwin,...). Any ideas?

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    Never heard or seen that issue before.

    We have users who have successfully installed on Win8 64 bit before. They have also tried as a normal user and have received the 'normal' 'need to be admin' type messages. is available now, so maybe you'd like to try again using that.

    It really sounds like either an AV or Permissions type problem.

    Which Antivirus are you using?

    Are you running Native Win8, or under some VMware type product?

    Can you see if various folders have been created and/or populated?

    C:\Program Files\4D Labs\4D Workshop 4 IDE
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs


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      Thanks to the Mod here and to "D" who sent me a personal email from the company there. I really appreciate the quick response.

      I had Trend Micro installed on the computer. After digging around a little on other forums for general installation problems, I saw some recommendations that there was no additional security software needed on Win8 machines. I'm not sure if that's true or not. According to those "professionals" Win8 comes with all the security needed. Those forums indicated that turning off the additional security and uninstalling it were not the same things.

      The bottom line is, that after I uninstalled the Trend Micro, the Workshop IDE installed right away. I look forward to messing around with the LCD screen now that it can be more than just a fancy looking paperweight. Thanks again.