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I Can´t copy my program to uSD

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  • I Can´t copy my program to uSD

    Hi, i can't copy my program designed on VISI, every time i clic on button Compile never appears the message for save my program in to the uSD card, sometimes appears but all time doesnt, this problem appeared when i installed the version, i dont know if this problem is of the new version, because in the version i dont have this problem, furthermore i cant see the option in Project-Destination-uSD. You eliminated that option in this version.

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    Err, could you have changed your programming from 'Genie' to 'ViSi'?

    A ViSi program does not have a 'Destination uSD', only Genie programs do. If your ViSi program is designed to run off uSD then you will need to copy it there yourself.

    Similarly, ViSi will only offer to copy to uSD if it detects a change in the files that need copying. To force a rebuild + copy use Shift F9 (If you hover over the 'compile' footer in the menu it tells you the various options)