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  • slow video display

    Hello,I'm trying to display a few different videos on a uOLED128-G1 display module. I've tried a few different video types, currently I'm using an animated gif. The method I'm using to display the images is setting the media address using media_SetSector(HI,LO), then calling media_VideoFrame(0,0,frame++).For example, a simplified version of my main would look like this :
    HTML Code:
    var frame;
    media_SetSector(0x0000, 0x0000);
            frame := 0;
                media_VideoFrame(0,0, frame++);
            until (frame == peekW(IMG_FRAME_COUNT));
    I would expect this to basically run my video as fast as possible, because I'm not including a delay in the loop. However, my video seems to play back at the same speed as if I just called mediaVideo. So I'm wondering if this is just the limit of the display speed? If so, is there a different video format I should convert to that would display much faster? I need to be able to draw these images very quickly and at the current speed, it's rendering my project somewhat useless.

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    That will be going as fast as possible.

    All video formats are converted to the same thing before writing on the uSD card.

    The only way to make the video faster is to drop some frames, of make the video smaller on the screen