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uLCD 35DT + Visi Screenmode issue

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  • uLCD 35DT + Visi Screenmode issue

    Hi guys

    I am just getting started with uLCD and I am running into a weird issue.

    I added a couple test images to a form in a project whose screen mode is landscape reversed.

    Corresponding declaration:
    gfx_Set(SCREEN_MODE,1) ;

    I have attached a screenshot of the editor as well as a pic of how the display looks like.

    Here's how i am doing: I insert sd card onto pc, hit compile, after it does it's thing, put sd back in the diablo, hit dowloand.

    I tried loading a visi sample and issue remains. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    You've displayed a couple of images and then changed the orientation of the screen.

    Changing the orientation does not affect things that have already been displayed, only things from that point on.

    Also, try to use the predefined values, in this case LANDSCAPE_R. It helps make the code more readable and also protects against future changes


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      How silly of me.

      Thanks, Mark.