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  • Touch Input + Open External Apps

    Hi guys

    I am trying to make a little toolbar out of my 35DT and I would be interested in having userbuttons linked to shortcuts

    In C#, i.e, this is pretty straightforward:

    if(state == TOUCH_PRESSED) // if there's a press
    x := touch_Get(TOUCH_GETX);
    y := touch_Get(TOUCH_GETY);
    if (n == iUserbutton1)
    // System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(@"shell:AppsFolder\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbw e!Microsoft.WindowsLive.Calendar"); //C# Code

    Any idea if this is possible to do with a 35DT? Would I need to hook it up to an external microcontroller?

    Thanks any advance for any suggestions you might have!

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    You seem to have the code there in 4DGL already, so what is it you want to do?

    If you are trying to invoke windows commands then you will need something like the following.
    1. serout(xx) to send a command down the serial port, whatever format you devise.
    2. Windows app listening to the serial port and invoking the required Windows shortcut on receipt of serial command


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      I am indeed trying to invoke windows commands and your answer makes perfect sense. Thanks