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Running application from SD card

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  • Running application from SD card

    I've been working on an HMI for a piece of lab equipment. It is running on a uLCD-32PTU. Everything is going fine, but I know at some time I will have to make it possible to load software onto the unit fore production, which could be in the hundreds. When I first started this project, I had a Genie version up and running fairly quickly, and Genie lets you make a bootable SD card. Because of a lack of flexibility in button states, I was persuaded to convert the project to ViSi, which is my current WIP. My problem is how to mass produce the software so it doesn't need to be 'downloaded' to the target. I thought I would be able to store the 4XE file as a boot file on the SD card, but can find no way of doing this. Delving through the documentation I have seen a process whereby the file is saved on the SD card, and the Serial Environment loaded to the unit. This could then run the file using File Mount, File Load and File Call. Is this the only way to do it?

    (later) I have just tried this and it works, but it seems a bit long-winded. Is there no way to create a self-booting SD card?

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    It would always seem best to load your programs into FLASH, because a) you might need to run them from there and b) you can detect a missing uSD card and do whatever is required to inform the user.

    You don't need Workshop to load programs into the display, it can be automated.

    Look in (assuming win7)

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\SCRIPTS\4DGL\LOAD4DGLPROGRAM.4DSCRIPT


    is in

    C:\Program Files\4D Labs\4D Workshop 4 IDE\DEP

    (assuming 32bit Win7)