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uLCD-70DT as dumb terminal

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  • uLCD-70DT as dumb terminal

    When I power the uLCD-70DT the welcome screen looks like a dumb terminal
    I there anyway I could use the screen just as serial dumb terminal ?

    PS any other 4D screen that could perform this task

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    Several people have written code in 4DGL in the past. I think at least one posted their code in the forum although I'm not sure where.

    The main issue is that 'modern' graphics controllers are not designed for the 'CRLF' action of a dumb terminal and thus the 'scrolling up' is quite slow as you have to move the entire screen up.

    However, the SSD1963 that is the driver part of the uLCD-70DT can be 'tricked; into 'creating' a scroll function by using its windowing capability. This only works if you want a 'pure' dumb terminal, i.e. no graphics as the windowing will 'chop up' any graphics.


    • deladriere
      deladriere commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks Mark

      Can I use vise-genie to do that ?
      can you point me to an example ?

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    VsSi Genie would not be the correct tool to do that, neither would ViSi as they are both 'Visual', which a dumb terminal is not.

    You would need to do it in designer.

    We don't have any examples handy, it's really up to you as to what you want to 'end up with'.

    Start with the Picaso Designer, Picaso - Serial Comms, Serial program.

    From there you will 'simply'(hah) needs to add the control character handling you need (eg cr, lf and whatever else).