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    Hi everybody.......

    i need some advice for one thing ........
    i design a keyboard with uLCD-70-DT. The project it's ok but when i write char into a box that i have created with gfx_Panel (GREY color) and gfx_RectangleFilled functions( BLACK color), when i arrive with cursor to the end of the box, the characters go beyond the limits of the box.....for this reason i want create one dynamic box that when i arrive to the end of the box limits, create another black line for the characters with the first line that disappear (but in reality this is) leaving space for the new line that i want to what app or facebook for examples
    It's possible ?

    Thank you

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    Try inserting a newline character into your print statement.
    print("something\nsomethong else") ;


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      mmmmmmm.......i don't think that it's what i want to do.......because what i need it's to introduce one dynamic box......when i arrived to the end of the box, i need to create a new black line on which to write, with the first line that i wrote, that disappear leaving space for the new line.......Obviously the second, third, fourth line will rise to a line!!!