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  • img_Enable and img_Disable

    I have an application that uses 3 forms. All the forms have buttons and 2 also have Leddigit widgets. Each form has a function associated with it. Because some of the buttons are in a similar place to buttons on other forms, one of the first tasks in each form is img_Disable(hndl,-1); I then enable all objects that are relevant to that form. This works fine for the buttons, but the Leddigit widgets will not then accept an updated value. If I remove the img_Disable(hndl,-1), the Leddigits work, but then the buttons don't work properly.

    So - I have copied all the img_Enable lines that are relevant to buttons and put them into another function, called DisableAllButtons() and changed the img_Enable statements to img_Disable statements with the specific button indices as parameters. I call this function at the head of each Form function, replacing the img_Disable(hndl,-1). This doesn't seem to work - the buttons are still getting garbled.

    So my question is 'if I disable all images and then re-enable the Leddigits with img_Enable(hndl,iLeddigits2) (or the relevant index), why do subsequent ledDigitsDisplay(......) statements not work, and how do I get around this?'

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    If you look inside the constants file generated you will see that Leddigits2 has 2 indexes, iLeddigits2 and iLeddigits2+1.

    iLeddigits2 is a 000 image of all the 'Leddigits'.

    iLeddigits2+1 is a 'movie' of one digit cycling through 0-9

    Are you sure you aren't forgetting to enable iLeddigits2+1 ?