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Strange Visual Artifacts on Fancy Buttons (Winbuttons)

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  • Strange Visual Artifacts on Fancy Buttons (Winbuttons)

    I am using Visi-Genie with the uLCD-70DT display.

    When I insert Fancy Buttons (WinButtons) into my design and download the design to the display, the Fancy Buttons show a light colored artifact at each of the four corners of the button graphic. How do I get rid of these artifacts? What properties do I need to change to get rid of these artifacts at the corners of the button?

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    These 'artifacts', assuming they are the 'difference' between the rounded button and the square corner, should be the same as the form's background colour and hence not visible.

    Can you zip up your project and attach it here?


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      I think you have identified the source of my problem.

      My Fancy Buttons are black and they are placed on a panel that is dark gray. The panel, in turn, is placed on the form that is a light gray color.

      When I make the panel the same color as the form, the problem goes away.

      Is there any way to place the Fancy Buttons on a panel that is a darker color than the form and not have these corners appear on the display?


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        Workshop does not really support putting things on top of each other, there is no Z order, so it cannot tell what to place behind the button during rendering (and, of course the buttons are rendered square which is why you see the odd corners).

        Workshop does put the background behind everything, and the 'Backgrounds' objects on top of that.

        The way around your problem is to make a background image and put the panel on that (using paint, or maybe just saving the image using View, Snapshot and then removing the panel)