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Workshop4 Released

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  • Workshop4 Released

    Workshop 4 has just been released

    Workshop 4 Change log
    • Workshop
    • Added 'Save Screen' option to View Snapshot windowAdded Check for NOGLOBALS added to file. This should be 'defined' in Banked Diablo programs to enable programs to run properly and not get a runtime error.
    • Added The ability to generate constants file(s) in various languages for controlling platforms.
    • Added x+y cursor positioning and 'object under mouse' name when moving mouse.
    • Added Scrollbox to enable use of large screens on small monitors.
    • Added Preliminary support for uLCD-43D displays.
    • Added Table of shortcut keystrokes under file, options, Shortcuts.
    • Changed The operation of Userbuttons has changed to allow 'blocking', see BlockedUserButtons Genie Sample. *WARNING* this change might affect the current operation of previously created Userbuttons, however, the change improves the visual operation of Usebuttons and reduces the work required by the host to 'operate' it.
    • Changed Removed proportional (re)sizing on UserButtons, UserImages, 4DButtons and AniButtons.
    • Fixed uLCD-70DT missing register definitions for SSD1963
    • Fixed After using Keyboard editor, image editor, or User button editor, ability to change current object is initially 'stuck'
    • Fixed Genie 'missing' keyboard results in compiler error.
    • Fixed GTX always starting in top left screen corner.
    • Fixed Strings object with transparent black text not visible.
    • Fixed Deleting all images from User Button or Images and clicking OK causes crash
    • Fixed Changing Size of Cool Gauge using mouse and left or top borders does not work as expected.
    • Fixed 500000 baud not selectable from comms speed menu
    • Fixed Spurious messages if gauge, leddigits, angularmeter, thermometer, led, Tank, Gradient or Scale have width or height set to 0. (To Delete an object select it and press the Del key)
    • Fixed Crash if spectrum height set to 0. To Delete an object select it and press the Del key.