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  • Slider Object Orientation


    I have just (successfully) [finally!] completed the demonstration project with the 4D and the Arduino host with RGB LEDs.

    Everything works great, but my horizontal sliders display maximum value on the far left and minimum (off) on the far right and this is counter-intuitive to my experience with values ascending towards the right.

    What might I be doing wrong, or different, or how might I "flip" the sliders? I already tried to place 255 as a minimum and 0 as a maximum and the program bombed immediately.

    I really want "off" on the left and full "on" on the right.

    Thank you - Baran
    /Baran G Galocy/

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    They are min on left, max on right

    You haven't got the display upside down have you?

    Maybe post you project?

    If you want them max on the left and min on the right, just subtract the value from the max value.


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      The strange thing is that I have four sliders, all four are max on left and min on right using the sample program provided. My SK-32PTU screen is in the horizontal mode with the "blank" area on the right, as shown in the IDE. I can not be upside down because everything is right-side up according to text. I did nothing to change the Arduino code but I wonder what might cause this. For now, I will try min at 0, and max at -255 and see what that does.
      /Baran G Galocy/