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    I could include the code, but it is EXACTLY the code I downloaded from the 4D website. Instead, I am including JPGs of five states of sliders and the corresponding LED activity. As you can see in every picture, the LED is the opposite of the slider settings.

    The only change to the code was that I rotated the red and green sliders to horizontal and left the blue slider vertical. Once again, you would think that the screen was simply upside down except for the winbutton object.

    What could make this happen?

    How can I circumvent/prevent/correct this?

    Notes: The slider minimum Must be a lower number than the slider maximum or the program crashes - I tried this already. Also, I can not make the slider max a negative number or the program crashes.

    If no one is able to help me solve this, can someone suggest a fix (tweak) in the Arduino code?

    Totally Confused - Baran Attached files
    /Baran G Galocy/

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    Just an additional point of reference . . . in the attached picture, the blue slider is maxed out and the red and green are set at minimum. Unfortunately - the display is upside down as evidenced by the reset button. I guess people won't really notice . . .

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    /Baran G Galocy/


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      I'm not familiar with the Arduino side of things, so All I have to go on is the Genie side.

      I took the example and change the red and green sliders to be horizontal and move them around to make it look 'right'

      Compiled and loaded program

      Ran GTX against it and I could see that the expected values were being returned.

      Perhaps you can do the same. (This is why I asked to attach your code, I still have no idea whether the problem is in Genie or the Arduino, even though it seems hard for it to be in either)

      If you really want to reverse the order of the slider use the following

      Reveresed_value = max_value - read_value ; Attached files