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Engine EM/RF freezes uOLED-160-G2

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  • Engine EM/RF freezes uOLED-160-G2


    I'm trying to use a uOLED-160-G2 for an engine monitor. It seems, however, that the engine emits either EM or RF noise that freezes the display. Here's the situation:

    * Engine is a KFM 107, a 2-stroke, 25 HP (basically an aviation modified race cart engine, see:
    * Display hooked up to an Arduino Uno through serial connection
    * Arduino and display in an aluminum enclosure, cable length between the two ~3 inches

    To troubleshoot this, I have disconnected all sensors and the power supply from the Arduino and display. Now powered by a computer through a USB connection, the Arduino runs a simple sketch that only increments a counter value, which is shown on the display. At that point, there is no physical connection between the engine monitor (Ardiuno+4D display) and the engine/vehicle.

    That runs fine while the engine is off. After starting the engine, I have the monitor far enough from the engine and watch the counter on the display tick up. Moving closer to the engine, at some point the counter stops. This happens when the Arduino/display is about 3 feet away and above the engine.

    I've also tested the Arduino without the display by sending the counter value through USB to a computer. This never freezes, regardless of position to the running engine.

    Grounding the enclosure to the battery minus terminal, freezing continues to occur, perhaps even more so than without grounding. I have not tried an off-vehicle ground (which would be inpractical anyway).

    Is this a known issue on the uOLED-160-G2? Are there ways to protect it from the noise emissions?



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    You might also try a simple program on the display to see if it freezes without the serial connection
    #platform "GOLDELOX"

    func main()
    var i ;

    gfx_MoveTo(0,0) ;
    print(i++) ;
    pause(200) ;

    as it could be the connection that is causing the display (or the arduino for that matter) to freeze.

    What speed is the serial comms? The higher the speed the easier the noise will get in.

    Is the 3" of cable well twisted?

    Can you show a photo of the setup?