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LCD-32PTU-PI Not able to run Demo(s)

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  • LCD-32PTU-PI Not able to run Demo(s)

    Hello all,

    I have just purchased a 4D LCD-32PTU-PI with the RasPI shield. I have connected 4D to the PI. I have done the following:
    -- Installed the Genie PI Library
    -- Installed Wiring PI Library (Tested many GPIO related programs)
    -- Disabled Linux from using PI Serial Port

    I have successfully compiled the Demo programs (Calculator, Weather). When I run the command nothing happens on 4D.

    The attached 4D unit, from the time it is powered, keeps showing the same initial message about the system: 4D System, SPE2 rev1.1, Pmmc rev 3.4, Comms 9600 and the getting started message.

    However, the demo programs that are executed in raspberry PI are not displayed on the 4D System. I have no idea how to proceed. Please Help.

    Are there commands from RaspPI to ping 4D, Are there any commands to send some text to 4D. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help in this matter is really appreciated.

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    Sounds like you've missed the step to load the Demonstration Genie programs onto the display.

    You need to load the programs in workshop and compile and download them to the display.

    For the calculator demo this line is, I think, the missing step

    " contains the files for 4D Systems Workshop 4 Visi-Genie Environment"