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interface with PIC MCU

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  • interface with PIC MCU

    I would like to buy your display but how to make programs for pic mcu? I am using Flowcode V4 compiler from matrix

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    Hi Alfiya, Unfortunately, projects with the PIC mcu are written in MPLABX with an XC8 compiler. But looking at the Flowcode software, it generally uses the uart/serial ports the same way with those written with a code. The code-less manner of using the serial ports does simplify the work. The only thing left that needs to be understood is - "How to communicate with the 4D display using serial ports".This application note will help you understand how to communicate with the 4D display module over serial connection. This application note is related with Workshop - ViSi Genie environment, which is a code-less environment.



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      Unfortunately the flowcode only read and send ASCII string and Character, How to read and send the 4d display commands with flowcode?

      Also please let me know what hex format you are using for the command set?

      I tried with hex to Ascii converter but not getting any values

      the flowcode has Customize c code function, please provide some clue, because I just order one 4.3 touch display. if its success I can make bulk order.


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        Hi Alfiya, There are no particular data formats used in the command set. These are simply "HEX" values. I believe that it would be better for you to first decide what environment of the 4D Workshop IDE you would like to use with your application so we can have a starting point to consider. Best Regards, Bryan