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Raspberry Pi for uOLED-96-G2

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  • Raspberry Pi for uOLED-96-G2

    I've been playing with the RP for the last few months and am now attempting to write to my new OLED serially with the RP. I was wondering if anyone else had attempted this yet and what was the best method you've found. I've been trying minicom but might resort to python or C if problems continue.

    For those who've tried minicom before I've already edited the following files:
    HTML Code:
    I've connected the OLED to the TX(to RP RXD) RX(to RP TX and 100 ohm resistor), 5V, and GND accordingly. The PmmC Loader & SPE Load work with the G2 file & OLED - Serial Commander works as well.

    Any Help Is Appreciated