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uTOLED-20-G2 Flip Display

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  • uTOLED-20-G2 Flip Display


    Just purchased the uTOLED-20-G2 transparent oled display and was a little shocked to see the text scrolling on what I figured was the back of the display. Is there a way to mirror the display the same way we can set the display rotation? I just can't figure out how I'll be able to mount the display if what is currently the front is the only configuration.


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    I assure you it is the way it is supposed to be, not only that, it cannot be changed.

    Not sure how you are wanting to mount it, it would seem easiest to mount the way it is.


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      Hmm.... typically I would mount the header facing in the opposite direction of the way the display is facing? Like the other displays, the header points off the back. So with the transparent, wouldn't you want the same thing? Can you explain to me how you are picturing a typical mounting? For whatever reason, it's just not obvious to me.


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        any suggestions?

        So far I've come up with about ten ways to mount it if it was reversed, and pretty much one the way it actually is. I just don't see why the headers would be facing in the same direction as the viewer...


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          It totally depends on the product you are designing as to how the display needs to be mounted, as one module design may suit one customer but not another.
          The idea was to have the board 90 degrees to the display, or vertical, however whether that works for your application only you can decide.
          The uTOLED-20-G2 is sadly no longer recommended for new designs, due to the availability of the displays, so once stocks run out then we may not be able to replenish them. Sadly nothing we can do about this.
          This is displayed on the product page on the website.



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            I think that might be vertical backwards, so the interface pins are down.

            This display uses the LD7222 driver IC and according to my reading of the specs you should be able to do what you want by sending

            disp_WriteControl(5); // Set Graphic RAM Writing Direction (0x05h)
            disp_WriteByte(1) ; // 'Reversed'

            But it doesn't work, all the 0x05 commands seem to be inoperative.

            You might be able to use

            disp_WriteControl(6); // Set Row Scan Direction (0x06h)
            disp_WriteByte(1) ; // Row scanning from max to min

            Which doesn't quite work the way depicted in the manual, but does something that may be useful to you.


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              All I'm doing with this display is writing text out, so maybe displaying images etc... won't be as easy, but for writing text the second method did the trick.

              Thank you so much for the support! If I get around to uploading/displaying images I'll update here if that works as well.