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2 joysticks on 4DevBoard?

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  • 2 joysticks on 4DevBoard?

    I'm a bit confused concerning the 4DevBoard I recently ordered to support my uLCD-32PTU. All of the pictures of this board show a red pushbutton near the top edge, next to the power switch. One would assume that's the reset button. And near the opposite edge of the board is the tiny lever that must be the 5-position joystick.

    My 4DevBoard doesn't have the red pushbutton; in that position is apparently a second 5-position joystick, with a handle that's about 2 cm long. Why is that there?

    Related question: the documentation for the 4DevBoard says the uLCD-32PTU doesn't support the (documented) joystick, because it lacks the needed analog input. Is it possible the mystery joystick is supported in some manner? Or is it just an odd substitute reset button?

    Maryland, USA

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    I think that 'Red pushbutton' is really a black pushbutton with a long 'lever' and is still reset.

    So you can either push it, or flick it to reset the display.

    The joystick is for the Goldelox Displays, it's a bit wasted for the Picaso displays, but since the devboard supports both, it's always on the board


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      Seems silly, but you're exactly right; I tried it out last night.

      Must be one of the most absurd reset "buttons" I've ever seen. For those of us who have trouble pushing straight down onto little red buttons?