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  • G2-UOLED96

    I apologize in advance for the question to ask, but I bought this display by French site I do not understand French.
    I bought this display with the attitude that they will use it in my radio controlled helicopter EC 135 (It has 4 such display that depict navigation and radar data) When I bought the display I had no idea that would not only be a record of any file on the SD card
    My question is, how do I get the video or other file on the map to be able to display the data that I want. And if I can do since I know nothing about how to program.
    I'll be glad of any help

    Best Regards Stanislav

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    Our displays are highly programmable and hence can be adapted to almost any purpose.

    Do you have a link to the website that caused you to buy it?


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      This is great news .I'll glad to help me because I really was first confronted with such a challenge

      This is -


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        I thought you were saying that there was already code to 'use it' in a remote control helicopter and you just needed to adapt it, the link you have posted is just for the product page in French


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          Sorry maybe I misunderstood you. Well I have three files that are in ''gif'' format. I need it to play an animated gif or some other, say video file from the SD card
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            Here they are
            Click image for larger version

Name:	panel5.gif
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Size:	109.7 KB
ID:	41026 Click image for larger version

Name:	panel4.gif
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Size:	263.4 KB
ID:	41027 Click image for larger version

Name:	panel6 (2).gif
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Size:	355.8 KB
ID:	41028


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              Well, you will definitely have to learn a bit about programming. Have a look through the app notes section and have a read of anything that looks interesting

              I suspect what you want to do is a bit more complex than you have so far stated, but there is a simple example that shows how to play a video from a uSD card. Have a look at File, Examples, Goldelox ViSi, VidImage.


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                Hi Stanislav,

                Attached is a ViSi project which plays one of the gif images you posted. In Workshop, there is a video widget that, when added to the WYSIWYG screen, will ask you for a video file. You can specify an animated gif image for this.The app note that will probably help you most is ViSi Cool Gauge, which can be found here:


                This app note explains most, if not all, of the code in the ViSi project I have attached and the code in the Workshop example pointed out by Mark above.

                You can also find on that page the recommended or pre-requisite app notes that discuss the basics, like how to create a new project, how to print a text, how to add a widget, how to add and display an image, how to draw, etc. If it is really your first time to use a 4D Goldelox display, I suggest you look at the recommended app notes first.

                Hope this helps and regards.
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                  Thank you very much guys , аnd really read about your system. and I hope that with your help, is able to reach my goal


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                    Men something is wrong. port continuously lights in red,I hold scan and turns red again.


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                      aftermanually installingbluelights


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                        Err, please try explaining again


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                          I had problems with the recognition of the cable and the display of the computer program. Then manually upgrade drivers program recognizes the display and USB cable ,but now I have difficulties with the release of any files on the display. I simply fail to cope


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                            So you are using a programming cable, or something else (eg PA5, CE5, MB5).

                            If it's a cable and you've had it a while, check that the wires are all still properly connected to the header on the end. Eventually some wires will come loose and need reterminating.

                            If it's not a cable, check the cable that connects to the device. Is it the one you have always used, or is it a 'new' one. Either try the original cable, or a new one.

                            What version of the driver are you using now? What version of Windows?

                            Just what are you having issues with now? What messages are being produced?


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                              Hello. Cable is a brand new (USB to Serial-TTL UART converter cable). displays are also brand new 6 pieces .Carefully follow all steps of materyal help from your site. I come to the step of transferring data to SD card. Press the button Comp'nLoad data are recorded on the SD card. display appears Load for 2 sec.and turn OF.No erors or other problems that will be displayed at the bottom of the computer program.more and nothing happens with the display stand as though it were turned off by the SD card without it simply black screen
                              Windolws 7 ,

                              Originally posted by ESPsupport View Post
                              What version of the driver are you using now?
                              For which drivers to ask which device