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Dipswitch is only outlined with a red "X" until touched

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  • Dipswitch is only outlined with a red "X" until touched


    I am attaching a photo of the dipswitch (DIPSW0) as it appears before being touched. This is on a page with seven other dipswitch objects and they always appear properly. I even deleted it and copied DIPSW1 into its place and re-built the project, to no avail.

    The switch ALWAYS appears correctly AFTER being touched, but is a red box with a red "x" in the middle until such time. Once touched, it remains switch-like in all appearances.

    I solved the problem by copying another dipswitch and pasting it, creating a ninth switch (DIPSW8). I moved DIPSW0 out of the way, created the DIPSW8 properties in the previous location of DIPSW0 and then deleted DIPSW0. This left me with eight dipswitches, DIPSW1 through DIPSW8.

    What I am very curious to know is if I am/was doing something wrong or if I came across a minor bug in the program. Any answers are greatly appreciated . . . even if you have to make something up-

    Regards - Compu-Groan Attached files
    /Baran G Galocy/

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    The red box with an X mark means that the object is being made to display a frame that does not exist. Is the Genie program being driven by an Arduino? or is it a stand-alone program?

    If being driven by an Arduino host, please disconnect the display module from the host first before turning it on and see if it still displays the red box.