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Calling string objects from Arduino

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  • Calling string objects from Arduino


    I found the genieWriteStr (blah1, blah2); command but it is not what I think I need and I do not know what to use. I have created a string object in the string editor of the months of the year. The string index is 0 and, I assume, the twelve text messages are 0 - 11. While I can write strings from the Arduino to the 4D, what is the command that calls up a pre-written text message and choose the particular message to display? If this information is broadly printed sommewhere, please direct me to it and accept my apologies. The is NOTHING related to what I am trying to do in the 4D-AN-P4013 manual.

    Thank you - B
    /Baran G Galocy/

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    4D-AN-P4013 is about how to use the various 'labels' objects, it is not specific to an Arduino host, it does show you what the host needs to send by demonstrating it using GTX.

    4D-AN-P4018 entitled "Writing to Genie Objects Using an Arduino Host" is specific to Arduino and does show you the the exact command to use on Pages 12-13


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      Too Cool - I appreciate the help. I couldn't find that data at all on my own - I kept reading right over it.

      Regards - B
      /Baran G Galocy/