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  • Convert RGB to System Color

    My problem is, that I have problems to find the right color by name.

    Is there a chance to convert RGB colors to the color values, which
    may be used with the Goldelox display?
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    You could write a little routine to convert 888 (which is what I think you are calling RGB) colors to the 565 (which is still RGB) colors of the display, but of course, that will waste execution time and code space, so I assume you want to do it at design time. The routine is somewhere in this forum if you want to search for it, but it's easily rewritten.

    If you are just want to see what a color looks like in 565 format use the color selection in workshop. Create a new ViSi project in Workshop and click on the ellipses next to the black color on the form. The color picker displays the 565 color just above the 'OK' button


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      Thansk for Your answer. The info, that it was already discussed in this forum was very helpful. Not helpful is the searching function of this forum, cause its not possible to search for RGB. Searching rgb via google helps and shows me this result:[HTML]
      Rcolor = Rcolor >> 3;
      Gcolor = Gcolor >> 2;
      Bcolor = Bcolor >> 3;

      iColorFull = (Rcolor
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