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Project is not being added to "Recent List" on the windows start button

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  • Project is not being added to "Recent List" on the windows start button

    This is something minor, but its making me unhappy. When I open one of the examples, and then later I go to Start, Click on WorkShop, it shows the recent examples that I have opened. However, it's not showing the project that I use 3-10 times a week or more. My project never shows up in the recent list. So I have to open it after the IDE loads.


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    Hi Ken, sorry about that. We get the occasional reports of this sort of thing going on, but we are missing the 'hard evidence' to isolate and solve the issue.

    Can you:-

    1. Start Workshop and open this favorite project.
    2. Go to the recent screen and see if it is there
    3. Close Workshop
    4. Start regedit
    5. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\4DLabs\Workshop
    6. double click on 'History'
    7. Press ^C
    8. paste the result here with some sort of indicators to show start and end (say ===================)
    9. Also post the full filename and path of the project that is missing and should be there.



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      I am really sorry, I did not see this response before I started messing with the system. I actually got it to work by going into the windows file manager and just double clicking on the .4dVisi file which then opened the workshop, and loaded project and also populated the recently opened list for the Start Menu. So there is something different between these two methods, 1) opening from within the App and 2) double clocking on the project file in the windows file manager and opening the project that way.. Again, sorry for missing the chance the collect the data you wanted.



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        And I would say, 'there is nothing different between the two methods, internally the both do the same thing'.

        Double Rats.

        Maybe delete the 'history' entries (just edit it and press 'delete' and then save it with null values, then try repopulating it again?


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          Ok, I went and deleted all of the "history" items on the Windows->Start->Workshop-->Recent List. So when I click on Workshop, no items are in the list.

          When I opened 4d->Workshop, my project, "CrushApp-Diablo.4DViSi" is still in the Workshop "Recent" list. I then open it that way and its just fine. However, when I go back and look in the Windows->Start->Workshop->Recent, it's still empty.

          I then went and opened one of my old projects, LedTest", from Wrokshop->File->Open and it opened the project and populated Widows->Start->Workshop->Recent list correctly. I deleted this project, "LedTest", from the widows->Start->Workshop->Recent list. I then re-opened workshop directly, and the old project "LedTest" was was in the Workshop->Recent List and I opened it from there and then closed the project. But this project, LedTest, did not re-populate the Windows->Start->Workshop->Recent list.

          What it looks like is happening on my system, is when I go and open the project directly from the Workshop->Recent box on the right of the main screen, it does not update the Windows->Start->Workshop->Recent List. However, if you open the project from Workshop->File->Open it does populate the Windows->Start->Workshop->Recent list , or if you double click on a project file in Windows->FileManager it does.

          It almost seems that when I open a file from the Workshop->Recent list, it does up query and update the Windows Start->Workshop->Recent List.

          Also, below, is what is in the Registry->History entry requested now that I got it failing again.

          So to populate the project in the Windows->Start->Workshop->Recent list, I just need to open it from the Workshop->Open list.

          C:\Users\klschult\Google Drive\Crusher\TestApps\CrushApp-Diablo\CrushApp-Diable.4DViSi

          Hope this helps,



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            Um, sorry, that just confused me.

            Are you sure you worded everything correctly above?

            Maybe a sequence of annotated screenshots? (maybe send it to mark at 4dsystems dot com dot au) ?


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              In the following description there are two "Recent" lists. (See Attached for picture)

              1) Is the Recent list that Windows maintains that you can access when opening 4D Workshop via the Windows Start Menu->WorkShop and then the list of Recent Projects is given. To create this you need to "pin" Workshop the the StartMenu or Windows will auto populate in the Start Menu after you open it directly several times.

              2) The Recent list within 4D Workshop , This is accessed --after-- you open 4D Workshop and it shows a list on the right hand side of the Workshop IDE.

              Now, to recreate this, make sure some projects are listed in List 2 above.

              Then clear out all of the items in Windows List 1

              Then Open 4D workshop, then within WorkShop open the project from Recent, List 2.

              After the project is opened, go back and look at List 1 again, the project just opened will not appear in list 1.

              Now close 4D Workshop, verify that the project still is not in List 1

              Now re open Workshop directly, and then open the same project using WorkShop->File->Open instead of List 2.

              Now go look at List 1 and the project will be there.

              Attached is a picture of List 1 and List 2.


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                Thanks, I think I understand now.

                I've been using Win8 for that long I've forgotten about that particular list (never used it anyway tbh).

                I wonder if it will come back with Win9 (err 10 that is).

                I'll see what I need to do to add to it from withing a program.


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                  thanks. Not a big deal.