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    Is it possible to display a JPG directly from the SD card without having to process it via the VISI tool?
    I haven't found any documentation on this...


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    You must have to convert first the JPG file to a format (GCI) readable by 4D-LAB's processors. If you wish to know more about this, refer to the application note 4D-AN-P2004_Designer_Displaying_an_Image_in_4DGL.

    On page 9, under the heading "How Image Files are Saved in Workshop":

    Images, animations, and movie clips need to be downloaded onto SD/?SD/MMC memory cards in a format readable by 4D-LAB’s processors. These files therefore are not saved on the memory cards in their original formats (common file formats are jpeg, gif, png, mov, flv, mpeg, etc) but are converted and combined by Workshop into a single graphics file, which is called the “GCI” file. GCI stands for Graphics Composer Image. The Graphics Composer or GC is a program used by Workshop to convert multimedia graphics files into a GCI file.

    On page 3, in "Application Overview":

    When programming in the Designer environment, the user will need to manually generate the graphics file using the Graphics Composer then write a program to access the file. The process of doing these is illustrated in the sections “Using the Graphics Composer” and “Understanding the Demo Code”. In the ViSi and ViSi-Genie environments, however, the user can simply place an object on the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) screen then write (for ViSi only) the program to access the graphics file. Workshop automatically creates the graphics file in the background using the Graphics Composer.

    4D-AN-P2004_Designer_Displaying_an_Image_in_4DGL focuses more on giving a discussion about the file format native to 4D-LAB's processors and the tool used to generate this file (the Graphics Composer). The basics of using the Graphics Composer are also discussed here.

    4D-AN-P3005 ViSi - Adding Image and Video Objects
    , on the other hand, shows how to add image and video objects in ViSi.

    4D-AN-P4005 ViSi - Genie Show Image
    shows how to add an image object in ViSi Genie.

    Hope this helps.