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  • Workshop4 Released

    Hello All

    Workshop4 has just been released with a range of updates, including automatic PmmC/Driver/SPE updates. You no longer need to download files from the website if a new PmmC comes out in between Workshop4 Releases. Workshop4 will download it automatically and will prompt you when you go to use your Display Module if there is a new version to load on.

    Here are the Release Notes:

    Fixed Crash when building ViSi code containing fancy button when Form window hidden
    Fixed Incorrect images on Fancy button if button 'hidden' during build.
    Fixed Error that results when trying to copy to uSD and project is already on uSD
    Fixed Genie compile error when empty sound object
    Fixed Keyboard editor 'Show Key' settings being lost
    Fixed On certain Windows versions a few red pixels show on 'Copy Confirmation' Window.
    Fixed Rebuilding of GCI files after compile error.
    Fixed Clicking on an already selected object snaps it to the grid.
    Fixed Changing destination on ViSi program not being marked as a change.
    Fixed Objet inspector gets lost when screen size shrinks significantly.
    Fixed Fancy button 'selection' incorrect if form scroll window not at 'top left'.
    Fixed Incorrect option for 'StringsStyle' parameter in strings object
    Fixed Error if Genie or ViSi program and 'save as opens both' set and 'used'.
    Added Message to inform user if they are using uSD as project folder and attempt copy to it.
    Added Automatic downloading of updates for Workshop, PmmCs, Drivers, Manuals and SPE
    Added Allow graceful exit/error reporting if .ImgData folder or files removed or missing.
    Added Allow graceful error message if image of incorrect format openned.
    Added Allow opening of R/O font files in .imgdata folder.

    There have also been Picaso and Diablo16 PmmC updates.

    Here are the Release Notes:

    Diablo16 PmmC Revision R1.5 15th October 2014

    1] Fixed pwm_Init(), pin_Pulseout() and pin_PulseoutB() sometimes 'upsetting' adjacent pins.
    2] Added txt_FontBank, putnumXY, flt_PRINTxy, file_Rename, file_Setdate, NP_Write and OW_* functions
    3] Fixed pin_Read for analogue occasionally returning incorrect values when touch turned on.
    4] Fixed After seeking on file <512 bytes long, a file_Read that 'hits' EOF will always return "Size" bytes, rather than the actual bytes left.
    5] Flash_loadfile, flash_EraseBank and flash_WriteFlock occasionally fail and PmmC restarts, or other incorrect behaviour.

    Diablo16 PmmC Revision R1.4 13th August 2014

    1] Fixed SPE not working on R13

    Picaso PmmC Revision R4.2 15th October 2014

    1] Fixed After seeking on file <512 bytes long, a file_Read that 'hits' EOF will always return "Size" bytes, rather than the actual bytes left.


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    I'm just starting to use Workshop 4 vers. after using an older version a year or so back and notice that in printing out code on a color printer it maps the colors pretty much literally whereas the older versions substituted blue for yellow, etc. to get a more readable copy. Is there some way to adjust how the colors are printed (as opposed to how they are displayed which is fine)?


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      Hmm, I'm not aware of an changes in that area.

      All print does is 'swap' pure black and pure white.

      Other than that it uses the same colors as displayed, so you can change them to get the 'optimal' print color.