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uLCD and uoLED brightness

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  • uLCD and uoLED brightness

    Hello everybody. I recently bought the following products: uLCD-320-PMCD2, uLCD-128-GMD1 and uoLED-160-GMD1. What I'm trying to do -once I am able to work with all of them- is to change the brightness of the screen, but I found no command to do this when reading the datasheets. Is there any way to change it?
    Also, I found out there is no documentation available for the uLCD-128-GMD1, where can I get it?

    Thanks a lot.

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    For the uLCD-128-GMD1, you can use the documentation for the uOLED-128-GMD1. The only difference, that I'm aware of, is the "Y" (0x59) command and Mode 0, Backlight control. Backlight control has no effect on the uOLED modules, but is implemented on the uLCD modules.

    0x59,0x00,0x00 Backlight Off
    0x59,0x00,0x01 Backlight On (default)

    Brightness/Contrast (implemented on the uOLED modules using the "Y" command, is not implemented on the uLCD modules at this time. Because the brightbness of an LCD is controlled by the backlight (usually done using PWM and varying the duty cycle and therefore the brightness of the backlight). 4D Systems has acknowledged that this is a feature they intend to implement in a future release of PmmC code for the uLCD products.

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      Ok thank you Steve.