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How to execute my program from the Workshop ?

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  • How to execute my program from the Workshop ?

    Hi there,

    I'm very beginner on this 4D Workshop as I have just started to learn it.

    How can I execute my program (project) from the Workshop IDE after building onto RAM / Flash and uSD ?
    So far, I got my program on the uSD which is mounted on my Windows PC after building a program. Then I inserted this uSD to 4D Display system to run. It run automatically after power on. This means that I have to build my program onto uSD which is mounted on my PC, then insert this uSD to the 4D Display system ever single time when I test it.
    Is there any good way to run my program to run for debug keeping uSD inserting the 4D display and USB on-line connection with my PC running the Workshop ?

    Sorry for disturbing you to ask this.


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    It's a bit hard to work out just what you are after, expedially as you haven't even said what environment you are using.

    It might appear you are using ViSi-Genie, in which case you probably want to use GTX to help figure out how to drive your program.

    Have you read any app note that seems applicable to you?

    Have you tried any of the samples that install with workshop?


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      Hi ESP support,
      Firstly, I thank you very much for your quick reply.

      Let me explain a little bit regarding my environment.
      I am trying to learn with Workshop(ver4) / Visi Geny on my Windows PC.
      My PC has uSD memory drive (2GB) and uLCD43PT (with 2GB uSD) which is connecting through uUSB adapter cable.
      I have already tried to rung my first program (slide bar and meter application demo) successfully. I have checked some application note you advised related to uSD / Flash.

      The issue for me is that I have to build??? program onto uSD which is connected to PC, and I have to remove and insert this uSD to the uSD card slot on uLCD43PT every time to run the program by power on the LCD.
      I imagine that there is some quick and easy way to run (execute) my program after building onto uSD / Flash / Ram from PC Workshop window without switching uSD to debug.
      I know there are some different type of building destinations. (Ram / Flash / uSD).
      But I wont to know how to execute the program on Ram / Flash / uSD after successful building. There is no button / command to execute on the workshop.

      Thank you for your kindness.



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        There is no 'emulator' on Workshop.

        There is no 'debug' like 'big' computers.

        You need to move the uSD to the display so that it can access the resources on the card, they tend to be so big that you cannot possibly copy them though the serial port in any reasonable time.

        You could use execute RAM/FLASH which would copy the program through the serial connection, but if you made changes to the graphical environment you would still need to replace that on uSD.


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          Thank you.
          I got it.

          But how can I trigger the program to run after building onto Ram or Flash ?
          Just power off/on ?



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            The program will run automatically when loaded to FLASH or RAM.

            You can also reset the program by clicking on the traffic light in the comms tab


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              Thank you !!