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  • Question about the gif support


    I have a question about the way that the LCD use a gif image, because i tried to upload an image and i couldnt see it working. Is there any restriction about the image size or any other that im missing?


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    Yesterday was late, i was tired of work and didnt think well the question. What i want to do is to upload an animated gif, but when i do it, i cant make it work. Any tips to do this? What i need to do it?


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      Since you wern't very specific about which display module you are using (there are several LCD displays from 4D Systems) and you were also not very specific about what you used to "upload" the file and failed, I can only provide general information regarding how the uLCD modules are able to display animated GIF files.

      First, download a copy of the 4D Systems Graphics Composer and the accompanying documentation. Use the Graphics Composer to load your animated GIF file onto a uSD card (either using the card inserted in the display and the serial interface or use a uSD reader attached to your Windows PC). Insure that you have the most current PmmC firmware (see download links on the 4D Product page for your display) loaded on your display. Read the PmmC revision history text file (in the same directory as the latest PmmC) for information on using the new Display Video command.

      If you wish to play the video without having to send serial commands to the display, you can load the uSD card (as above) and short the RUN jumper on the back of the display. With the RUN jumper in place, the loaded video files will play automatically when power is applied to the display. (see the Graphics Composer documentation for load options used for Autorun).

      Good luck,

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