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uLCD-32WPTU w/ rasp pi, slow load time at the beginning

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  • uLCD-32WPTU w/ rasp pi, slow load time at the beginning

    I have 2 separate forms loaded into the lcd and there are approximately 20 boxes of strings on each form. When the device is first turned on, these boxes load one by one on the screen, with a half second delay between each box. After the first load this is no longer an issue, but is there someway of getting around this issue?

    I tried to load both forms when the script first starts:
    HTML Code:
    ..display stuff on form_2, this works fine...
    genieWriteObj(GENIE_OBJ_FORM,FORM_1,0); //here we slowly load the page again, only on the first iteration of this while loop however
    However the above did not give me the intended results, FORM_1 still loaded slowly as if it was the first time loading when I switched back from FORM_2 to FORM_1.

    What should I be doing instead? I don't mind if I must have an initial slow load, but I don't want this happening inside my while loop.

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    Hmm, a bit hard to visualise what's causing that, it's probably 'normal', but there might be a few ways of 'speeding it up'.

    Can you attach your project, or mail it to mark at 4dsystems dot com dot au?


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      sure, I have sent you my project file. Thanks for the help!


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        Hmm, still not sure where this 20 * 0.5 second delay comes from.

        If I run your program the boxes come up pretty much 'all together', of course they are blank since I don't have a system to fill them in.

        If I write some text from GTX it reports ACK in 15ms (about the resolution of its timer), so 20 boxes should be about 300ms max.

        Is there something odd with the (assumed) Arduino code?