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Can anyone help me identify this LCD? It has scraped 18F6393

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  • Can anyone help me identify this LCD? It has scraped 18F6393

    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone help me identify this LCD? It has scraped 18F6393?

    It was manufactured some time ago and now I need the spec sheet and I was hoping for a library as its serial protocol is terrible but I need to start with the name of the product first and hopefully work my way to figuring out whether someone wrote an Arduino library at some point. That would be the optimal outcome

    Pic of the back is attached.

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    Err, we will need to search the 'archives'.

    But based on what I know about the history of 4D I believe this display actually predates Arduino, so there is no way there will be anything remotely resembling a library for it.

    Also it looks like a bit of an orphan product, more in the Goldelox class, but with SPI and no uSD (You couln't have used external uSD as there the I/O is input only and hence couldn't supply the required uSD CS).

    So I imagine it would have used a very early version of SGC (which had a different command structure to later SGC) and no support for uSD which would have limited its use quite a bit.

    I'll get back when I have more information, but really I think a new display is in order.

    Does it still work?


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      Thanks Mark

      It worked years ago and I recall writing a little utility so one can pipe console output to the display using xyz | ulcd but the source code is impossible to read LOL so I was hoping that someone wrote a better utility to print to it. Yes this display totally predates Arduino.. Attached is the PDF manual back from the days...(edited 12/16/2014 once I found it)

      Click image for larger version

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        Yes, indeed, this display is from the Jurassic era of 4D. I'll send you a PM with more information