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Bug: Color Picker & Properties Window

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  • Bug: Color Picker & Properties Window


    Lets assume you add an ANGULARMETER in the 4D Workshop IDE (newest version). The color zones (in the properties window of the angularmeter) are set to (random values):

    Color: BLACK
    ColorZone1: 0xF78131
    ColorZone2: 0x1381Da
    ColorZone3: clRED

    If you convert the HEX color (shown in the properties window) from ColorZone1 = 0xF78131 to an RGB color, the result is: rgb(247, 129, 49)

    Lets enter those RGB values in the color picker (of the angularmeter): Red=247, Green=129, Blue=49. The result should be the same color.

    ----> RESULT in the properties window: ColorZone1: 0x3181F7. That's not equal to 0xF78131.

    The same happens for the other colors.
    I think, you swapped in the IDE the two outer color digits in the HEX value.

    Values 1:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	original.png
Views:	90
Size:	30.8 KB
ID:	41949

    Values 2:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	re-entered.png
Views:	76
Size:	31.8 KB
ID:	41950

    Let me know what you think. Is it a bug?

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    No it's not a bug, the hex value shown on the properties screen is the Windows representation of the color. Windows colors are in BGR order.


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      Thank you! It is/was just a little bit confusing. I thought it is a bug.