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Com1 not working?

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  • Com1 not working?

    I have a micro-controller "assumably" sending bytes over uart to an lcd32ptu's com1, but I am getting nothing on the lcd. I am running a small test program on the lcd in which I did set the right buffer size and baud rate in order to receive info from controller. Could it be because the controller's uart is a 3.3v one while the lcd is a 5v one? Do I need a level shifter there? If not then what else could it be, knowing that everything seems to be working well on both units?

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    You have posted this in the uCAM-II forum, but you make no mention of a camera at all, have you posted in the right forum?

    There is no need for a level converter, the display's uart is actually 3.3v (5v tolerant).

    What does your code look like on the display/controller?
    Can you post a photo of the connections?


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      Sorry, I just noticed the Forum I am on. However, all my microcontroller (mc) does is check certain events then send bytes over uart to lcd's com1. Lcd will be programmed to act after getting this information and do things. lcd does not send bytes to MC. I have Gnd & 5v of both connected together, with Tx of mc connected to Rx1 (H1 connector of lcd, the very bottom right pin). Lcd test program uses "Serin" & "Print" commands as specified for Picaso. I've tried different baud rates, but still gets nowhere. I did also successfully upgrade lcd to latest firmware and run other test programs.


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        You should be using serin1 for com1 and how are you setting the baud rate?

        Maybe post your code? (or a cutdown version, echo test to display?)