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Example for saving File from Arduino to SD card with VISI

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  • Example for saving File from Arduino to SD card with VISI

    I am new and found that with VISI Genie I cound not save file to SD card.
    Is there any example for VISI and saving file . I am using arduino.

    Also a question. Is is possible VISI not to use the SD card ? In examples VISI and VISI Genie always try to used SD card

    Thank you


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    Why are you having trouble saving to SD card? Have you tried one of the getting started app notes? (One applicable to your display)

    As you will learn more you will see that all the fancy visual components that ViSi and Genie use are stored on uSD (Except for the Scope).

    If you really don't want to use a uSD card you can write your program totally in Designer.

    Buy what's wrong with uSD cards?


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      Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your reply. My problem is that my application has to use the SD card to save some info and the user have to replace the SD card ( get save info for analizing and put empty one) .
      If the VISI need SD to store the program and data - this mean that I could not use it for such a application , I need to add another shiled with SD card.
      I am new and may be I dont understand very well the idea for VISI.

      Any advice.


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        Have a look at the specs for the display, the RAM and Flash sizes are way to small to hold MB of images, regardless, you would eventually run out of Flash even if there was a few MB of it. By using uSD you can have GB or images.

        You simply need to start with 'cloned' SD cards rather than empty ones. Your code can check if the required files are on the card at startup and prompt if any are missing.


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          Thank you for the ideas.