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  • statement interferes with text string clock output


    I am baffled and even my code-guru has given a look-see at this and come up blank. I have attached ALL the files for both the arduino and the 4D to create a text string clock on form0. Of course, I would like to do more and I have added the libraries and basic code to read my DHT11 temp/humi sensor. As anyone (who takes the time to run the code) will see, the program works great (the date string at the bottom changes with the first "0" seconds display) . . . UNTIL . . . you uncomment the,humi); line in the if-statement in the void loop. Then, the text strings do not respond to the clock. I have tried moving the line and even placing it in a function. It interferes every time.

    WASSUP with this?!?!?

    This is most disconcerting because I have an earlier iteration that works just fine, but is too complex to translate. I nestled the statement right into the millis() if loop and all was fine. I cause the program to crash if I try to cut-and-paste a custom keyboard from one program to another (boo-hiss, as these take awhile to build, and rebuild . . .) and now, in recreating my original rough draft, all is not right!

    So . . . I will be most grateful to whomever can enlighten me as to the problem I have brought upon myself. I know this stuff is child's play to many users out there.

    Regards - Baran Attached files (115.3 KB) (1.4 KB)
    /Baran G Galocy/

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    I broke down my breadboard and started over. With the help of a error test, I determined that my DHT11 was damaged.

    So - if the code calls for the DHT11, two things are absolutely necessary. I) the DHT11 is functional and 2) the DHT11 is ATTACHED! Putting the concept to the test, I powered-down, pulled the DHT11 signal wire and re-energized. As expected, the clock stopped running (loud and massive applause inserted here! Reconnecting the signal wire allowed the clock to run again upon reset.

    /Baran G Galocy/