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128G2 Oled stop working

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  • 128G2 Oled stop working

    Got this problem during operation with an fuelsensor.
    sometimes it freeze directly and the needle dont move
    This failure in the video im only have this whitescreen on the display
    Here is the code
    #platform "GOLDELOX"
    #inherit "4DGL_16bitColours.fnc"
    #inherit ""
    #inherit ""
    func main()
        var i, j ;
        var numx ;
        print("Starting\n") ;
            putstr("Drive not mounted...");
        gfx_Set(SCREEN_MODE,LANDSCAPE) ;
            while( (i := serin()) < 0) ; // read one value
            while( (j := serin()) < 0) ; // read another
            numx := MAX(i,j) ; // one will be 0, take the other
            numx-- ; // start at 0
            numx := numx * 100 / 253 ; // scale to 0-100
            // Meter1 1.0 generated 02.11.2012 21:31:05
            media_SetAdd(iMeter1H, iMeter1L) ; // point to the Meter1 image
            media_VideoFrame(0, 0, numx) ; // where numx is 0 to 100 (for a displayed 0 to 100)
            // Gauge1 1.0 generated 20.12.2013 01:16:59
            media_SetAdd(iGauge1H, iGauge1L) ; // point to the Gauge1 image
            media_VideoFrame(0, 108, numx) ; // where numx is 0 to 100 (for a displayed 0 to 100)
            // Label1 1.0 generated 01.11.2012 15:43:40
            txt_FGcolour(TURQUOISE) ;
            txt_BGcolour(BLACK) ;
            gfx_MoveTo(0, 92) ;
            putstr("PMC V1.0a") ;
            pause(150) ;
    Video link attached

    Need help
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    Can you check that there is 5v present at the display end of the cable and not some, much lower, voltage?

    What make model of uSD card are you using? (If it's Transcend, please try another brand)



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      Yes The SD Card is an trancecend Card will it Change asap
      Will Report After Test


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        I am in the United States. I have found $d Systems to be less than adequate in their treatment of customers. I have been waiting for a uLCD-32PTU for over two months. I have had extreme difficulties with the IDE that is used for the 128G2. Technical support for the product sucks. The company makes that assumption that everybody is a development engineer. Some of us have to try harder. The company does not communicate with the end user in a manner that is commensurate good business. The application notes are not clear. The tech support people do not even know their own web site. The company lies about which sd cards can be used.
        The company SUCKS!. I recommend that any users of the products cease to purchase or use these items. There is no representation that one can call to ask simple questions. Email is not enough.
        I have recommended to my vendor to drop 4D. I am not the only person who has had this experience.


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          Pilot0315: Have you put enough time into reading and comprehending the Application notes?,I find them to be very well written with clear explanations of the products.I also see that you only have 3 posts and they are all identical,I don't see any requests for help through the forum regarding your difficulties with using your display.I have used quite a few of these displays with great results,I have always received prompt and concise help with any of my questions.



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            Pilot0315 (Martin) - I was not going to attempt to provide a reply, but something needs to be said, especially after making your opinion so public, it justifies a reply.

            The 32PTU is in stock - the fact your chosen distributor didn't have stock for a while is unfortunate, however there are reasons for this, and publicly slandering us isn't going to make the situation any better. Production work as fast as they can, it is just a heavily demanded product, and supply to distributors is on a FIFO basis. We have stock of the 32PTU ourselves. You are more than welcome to order it from another distributor or from our online cart. Stock was delayed due to the Christmas holidays and the order from your distributor has since been supplied.

            There is nothing wrong with the Technical Support you have been provided. One ticket you raised you made a typo in your own email address, so this is why you would have not received the reply. Secondly, Tech Support is there to answer your specific technical questions. It is not there to provide education and a 1:1 step by step learning centre for you to ask continuously the basic questions, which are all documented. Your questions have been answered, and the last we heard from you, all was fine, until this forum post.

            In most situations, we answer Tech Tickets within 24H. This is not a chat service, we do not have the staff to answer your questions within minutes of you asking them. Sorry, but it is just not possible. You could have asked questions on the forum and likely got a faster reply, from other customers such as rcbandwidth, or from our support team, but you chose not to do that.

            Application Notes are clear if you read them - and it seems you either have failed to do this, or you have not understand the content provided. As with the Technical questions you have been asking on the Ticket System. It is not our fault if you do not understand the answer provided. Some technical knowledge is required unfortunately.

            Stating our technical staff do not know the website, is a little unfair, and I gather this is a gross exaggeration if anything.

            We do not lie about anything, and information about microSD cards is clearly documented. I am interested to know of these lies you speak of. Assuming Goldelox Modules work on a FAT File system, and us telling you Goldelox does not have FAT, cannot read 'files' off the SD card etc, is not a lie.

            Your Vendor has already been discussing your case with us, and agrees with the tech support we have provided you. Some people it seem, however, just cannot be helped without extra support, and unfortunately what you require, we cannot provide you through our normal channels it seems. The answers we provide either don't make sense to you, or are not what you are wanting to hear. We have hundreds of thousands of happy customers, yet there will always be a few like yourself, who feel support is not good enough or something is not as it should be. I am sorry we couldn't cater to your needs, but I feel this is a 2 way street and you have not been the ideal customer either.

            We wish you all the best on your future endeavours.