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uLCD 32 ptu pi and raspberry pi autorun problems

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  • uLCD 32 ptu pi and raspberry pi autorun problems

    I have created a c script on the rpi to interact with my LCD. When i run the script everything works fine. So i created an autorun script which runs the script on startup of the pi and stops it on shutdown. This is a common method i fould online which involves placing a bash script in the init.d folder and restering it. The problem is that autorun script always runs my c script on startup, i know this because text from a text file on the pi gets displayed on the screen. However, somethimes, not always, the link is broken between the pi and the LCD, for no apparent reason. Is there a way to solve this problem.

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    Maybe set up some logging in your script to try and get a handle on why the link is broken.

    I don't have an rPi but I have had 'scripts' on Windows and Arduino that have run for weeks, so their should be no issue.