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  • Need to free up SPI


    My application requires an SPI interface and since the 4D-35 is using up both available SPI on my Model B+, I was wondering if there was a PY script or command which can disable the touchscreen functionality so I can use the SPI. I do not require the touchscreen once my application is running.

    Would be nice to have the ability to kill the touchscreen process and/or restart it at will. If not, if there another way to access the 3rd SPI interface on the B+ ?

    thanks in advance.


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    Hope you can help me 4D Systems.... we're looking at 40 of these displays for our products shipping out next month and I hope I don't have to find an alternate. I love the quality and size of these but there is a 2.8" 320x240 from another vendor which uses only 1 SPI and an I2C with capacitive touch capabilities.



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      SPI_CS1 is used for touchscreen controller so if touchscreen is not needed this channel could be freed up. Unfortunatelly this requires cutting some traces on the PCB to physically disconnect touchscreen controller from the RPi. I can provide further details if you decide for this option.


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        Seriously? there's no way to inhibit the touchscreen driver from interacting with the SPI interface through a script or command? please provide these details then as we have some technical people here that can perform the hardware mod. thanks.