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Where do I start? Total noob looking for video player advice

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  • Where do I start? Total noob looking for video player advice

    Hi All, as much as I love building, I have to admit I'm not good at it so I'm hoping for some advice.

    I want to make a tiny TV that plays a video for a gift. I'm hoping I can put the video onto an SD card and it will play on the smallest screen available (2" for example). The simpler the better.

    So I was hoping for some advice on what I'd need to actually build this or at least commission some help from people.

    Part of my question is what parts I would need. The other part is the software. Is there anything off the shelf or does something need to be coded specifically?

    Any pointers much appreciated!

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    Perhaps you can take a look at the application note 4D-AN-P4007-ViSi-Genie-Play-Video (

    Is there anything off the shelf or does something need to be coded specifically?
    In the application note above you will be using the ViSi-Genie environment of the Workshop IDE.

    Additional info:ViSi - Genie is an advanced environment that doesn’t require any 4DGL coding at all, it is all doneautomatically for you. Simply lay the display out with the objects you want (similar toViSi), set the events to drive them and the code is written for you automatically. ViSi-Genie provides the latest rapid development experience from 4D Systems.

    The ViSi-Genie environment can be used with the following uLCD displays:


    For the hardware part, basically you will be needing:
    1. a display module (choose one above)
    2. a programming module (a uUSB-PA5 module or a 4D USB programming cable)
    2.a if you use the uUSB-PA5 you will need a USB(type A) to miniUSB cable
    3. a uSD card

    For items 2 and 3 scroll down to the Accessories section of

    For the software part,
    1. Download and install Workshop (
    2. Install the drivers for the programming module (see product page for instructions)

    All of the above info can be found in the following documents:

    1. Workshop 4 User's Guide

    2. Workshop 4 Installation Guide

    3. ViSi Genie User Guide

    4. 4D-AN-P4001-Getting-Started-First-Project-with-ViSi-Genie

    after reading the above docs you can proceed to reading

    Hope this helps.


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      By the way you can also use ViSi-Genie to program the uLCD-70DT

      For this product you may refer to the following documents:




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        Great, thanks. That's really helpful. I guess the IDE is windows only? Is there any way to code this stuff on a mac?


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          Err, the 'usual way', parallels, bootcamp, VMware Fusion.

          Maybe also Crossover, but I've not seen anyone claim to be using it.

          How many FPS are you after, and do you need sound?

          If you want a really small screen, you could use the

          There's definitely no sound with that one.


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            oh yeah, parallels . doh.

            Yes, I need sound. FPS, what's the max you can get? I could design the video for 12fps but I'd like 24fps ideally.

            Edit: what format/encoding would the video have to be?


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              For sound you will need to use a Picaso based display. 2.4" is the smallest.

              Full screen video on that screen is about 8.5 FPS, so you will need to lower the size of the video to raise the frame rate.

              Also, playing sound the same time as video will slow the video, not sure how much smaller again the size will have to be to get 12fps with sound.

              The sound needs to be recorded separately to the video as a .wav file. Or extracted from the video if it is already in the source.

              The video format is converted by Workshop into an internal format supported by the display.