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Regarding BBB 4DCAPE-70T Android JB Performance

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  • Regarding BBB 4DCAPE-70T Android JB Performance

    Hi All.

    I have purchased two units of 4DCAPE-70T and BBB (Rev C) from SeeedStudio Store. I have loaded TI_Android_JB_4_2_2_DevKit_4_1_1. After running Android JB, I am not felling good performance. Screen Tap is very slow. (some times not working). Also touch scroll not working well ... I need to press hard and scroll. Apart from that, after click on an App the Apps view comes very slow.

    Can anyone share your experience with 4DCAPE-70T or any advise to improve the performance?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hello Sakibnaz,

    Performance would be dictated by the BBB, not the screen. The BBB is doing all the processing, the screen is just displaying content.
    Are you comparing the performance of the BBB to a smartphone or tablet for example? If so, then this is likely the problem. The BBB does not have the processing power of a modern smart device, and therefore yes - the performance is slower. This has nothing to do with the 4DCAPE-70T.

    The touchscreen on the 4DCAPE-70T is resistive touch. Again, are you comparing it to a modern tablet which is Capacitive touch? Resistive touch you have to physically press on the screen with a little bit of force. This is just the nature of resistive touch displays.

    If you think this is not the issue, you are welcome to reply back with more information so we can better help you.