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How to make a new and clean 4DWorkshop install ?

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  • How to make a new and clean 4DWorkshop install ?


    I have played with the Genie-Arduino example, and it works very well. Then I tryed to add a sound object but I could not add the wav. files. In some way I made a thing so the LCD-panel was no longer visible. See Picture.
    I then uninstalled workshop and made a new install, but the new install use the same setup for Genie as the old one, even the "Recent" files was the same, so some setup file has not been removed by the uninstall !!
    How do I make a clean installation, or how do I got the LCD-panel back on the screen again .

    Thanks in advance

    Jens J. Larsen

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    In Workshop there was an issue adding wav files to the sound object, so maybe that is your problem?

    Recent files and the like are stored in the registry, and thus not removed by an uninstall.

    I'm not sure why the 'LCD-Panel' has disappeared, although you can undock it , more it around and hide it there is nothing that is saved in the registry, so it should just come back when you restart workshop.

    All information stored in the registry is stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\4DLabs\Workshop
    So, can you
    1. Start regedit and navigate to that key
    2. Right click on the key, click export and save to a file.
    3. Delete this key
    4. Restart workshop and everything will be fully back to its defaults
    5. Zip up the exported file and attach to this post, so I can investigate.


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      Hi ESPsupport.

      Thank you very much for your help. Removing the key got the LCD-panel back to the screen again.

      Now back to my first problem, Genie and the Sound object.

      1. I'm running Win7 and 4DWorkshop

      2. In Genie I have clicked the Sounds object

      3. Then clicked WavFiles in Properties and expect the symbol with the 3 dots to appear, but it does not appear or maybe it appears outside the frame ??
      Therefore I tryed to resize the Object Inspector window and something vent wrong !!!

      So my problem is that the 3 dot symbol does not appear so I can't open the WAV Files window. I'm I doing something wrong ?

      /JJ Attached files (1.6 KB)


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        Problem solved
        I have to click in the Value field, sorry for my mistake.

        Everythink is working fine.
        Thanks for a great product.



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          Is it possible to just CLEAR the Recent list without editing the registry?


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            No, but if you are a bit daunted by editing the registry, what if I tell you the exact value to alter?

            It's the 'History' string in the key shown below.

            And you don't have to delete it, you can just rename it to history, if you like


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              Hi Mark
              In my recent list are some file with the message "not found". How can delete them from the list. In the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software\ 4DLabs\Workshop I can not see what I have to delete


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                Like the following post said, you need to delete the 'History' string.

                The deleted files are there for a reason, to remind you they have been deleted, if they were removed many people would tend to assume that either they had never opened the file (and then gone on a wild goose chase trying to find it) or that Workshop had a bug in that area.

                They will drop off the list eventually, as you open other things.