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Application Note: 4D-AN-G5004 - attached file missing?

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  • Application Note: 4D-AN-G5004 - attached file missing?

    Hi - I am reading
    Application Note: 4D-AN-G5004

    I am trying to connect my OLED-96 to my arduino and want to get a thorough reading through all the documentation. On page 4 of this pdf, at the bottom right, it mentions an example arduino file


    I can't find this file anywhere. Have looked all over the app notes page, done general searches, even exhausted google and it just seems to not exist. Is this true?
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    Hello Zalterman

    Welcome to the forum

    I believe that App Note has been renamed now,
    "Serial Connection to an Arduino Host"

    However you need to download the ZIP file, not just the PDF. The ZIP file contains the demo.

    Hope that helps



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      ok great thanks for the response!
      its been a headache scrapping all this documentation together.

      might be nice to congregate all these relevant documents on the OLED-96 page on your site

      and remove the redundancies / outdated information and references.


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        On second look, the app note Application Note: 4D-AN-G5004

        and what you said it was renamed to

        are definitely different documents. The example code I downloaded from the 00092 document is not what G5004 references. I'm pretty sure the arduino code g5004 uses doesn't exist on your website anymore. If you can find it anywhere; I'd love to see.


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          Hi again

          Where are you referencing those 3 links from?

          If you want the zip files, they are still there.

          The old files are still on our server, so the links should still work fine.

          We don't put the App Notes on our product pages, as new ones get made all the time, and the list grows - this is why we have a dedicated App Note page which you can narrow down goldelox and any other criteria you want, to find what you are looking for.