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Recovery from error on serial comms

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  • Recovery from error on serial comms

    Is there any way to recover comm's to the Goldelox without cycling the power or using the Reset line?
    We have an application where the Goldelox uOLED-128-G2 is driven by an ARM via the serial port (SPE2 rev 1.2 at 9600 Baud).
    Sometimes, for whatever reason, the Goldelox displays a truncated message "Missing internal f" and then sends neither ACK nor NAK in response to valid commands.
    Is there and way that one can get the Goldelox back on track?
    Would sending NULL characters help?
    Is the protocol so sensative that it will never re-sync?

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    Hmm, that message is really a diagnostic that is simply not meant to happen.

    Upon investigation it is occurring because a command code of 0x0000 has, somehow, been sent. This is not valid, but is currently 'getting through'.

    I have attached SPE2 rev 1.3 which will properly NAK 0x0000. Place it in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\4DUpdates\Utils folder and reload SPE

    Now, if you manage to somehow get Goldelox 'lost' you will be able to send 0x00 one at a time until you get a NAK and then 'proceed as normal'.
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      Thanks, I will give that a try.