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Visi and avr gauge rpm

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  • Visi and avr gauge rpm

    I found the site from google.
    I have download the visi ide software and I am very impressed.
    I would like to build a project for a car.
    I will use the gauge for graphics who is very beautiful.But I dont know how to make the needle move.
    My mc avr atmel read the rpm but I dont know how to make the needle work.I use bascom for my project.
    Please help
    Petros D.

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    Assuming you have built your gauge into a GCI file and they are on the uSD, here's a Serial Commander log that shows what to do.

    file_Mount[FF03 ] 0.139 (ACK 5506 0x1582)
    file_LoadImageControl[0009 "gfx2demo.dat" gfx2demo.gci 0001] 0.269 (ACK 4531 0x11B3)
    img_SetWord[FF49 11B3 0000 0009 0001] 0.016 (ACK 1 0x0001)
    img_Show[FF47 11B3 0000] 0.014 (ACK 18 0x0012)
    img_SetWord[FF49 11B3 0000 0009 0002] 0.016 (ACK 1 0x0001)
    img_Show[FF47 11B3 0000] 0.013 (ACK 18 0x0012)
    You use img_SetWord to set the 'IMAGE_INDEX" (value 9) to the desired frame (a frame contains one value of the needle) and use img_Show to display that frame


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      I think that I understand.
      And how I will change this lines, commands, from mc?
      Is any tutorial ? Manual or link to read?
      Petros D.


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        Not sure what you are after really.

        To issue a file_Mount command you send 0xFF03 from your MC, in this example the Display responded 0x11B3

        All this is documented in the "PICASO Serial Command Set Reference Manual"