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  • Capacitive Touch Screen

    We are looking for a capacitive touch screen for our system. Will your embedded graphics controller be able to support it? Will it work the same way as your resistive touch screen? ADAFruit is selling this screen which we are considering could we replace the driver or interface your driver with it?

    Another Idea was to purchase an IPHONE 4 screen and capacitive touch screen. Could your embedded graphics controller drive this.

    We are looking for cheap ideas on how to implement a capacitive touch screen. We have been using your products and love the usability and ease of designing a graphical interface.

    Schematics are included.
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    Hello Monito

    A wide range of displays can be used with our graphic processors, yes, however all need 4D Engineering to write appropriate drivers so the display can function. This is not possible to do yourself. Once the driver is made, then you can program the display as if it was a normal 4D Product - in theory.
    This is something you need to discuss with the 4D Engineering team via email, the forum is not the right place to do that.
    Depending on your requirements and volume usage will determine if there are NRE charges involved for engineering time.

    An iPhone 4 screen - I am not sure to be honest. You would need to provide the specifications and interface type for us to evaluate.
    Please have a read of the Diablo16 Processor Datasheet, it will outline the requirements in there.
    Based on this:
    I can see they are a 3.5" Capacitive Touch 960x640 resolution display, however do not state the interface type.
    Based on the resolution, yes that is within what Diablo16 can support.
    Capacitive touch is typically I2C based, and yes, that can also be supported by Diablo16.
    But depending on the interface and the requirements of the display, will determine if its possible to interface it. There are many types of display. MCU, RGB, LVDS etc. We cannot support all of them.

    If you are looking for 'cheap' ideas, then likely building a custom module or using a custom display is not the right way to go about it.

    Have you seen our 4.3" Capacitive touch display module, the uLCD-43DCT?



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      Also, why the need for a capacitive screen?


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        Thanks James for the reply. I should have said inexpensive. We need a display that is capacitive touch and oled. The capacitive touch is much lighter to the touch and could possibly not even touch the screen. The resistive touch tend to be much dimmer and when pressing a key you really need to hit it hard to respond. It would have been nice to piggy back on somebody elses volume. It doesnt need to be the exact same product. Any cell phone capacitive touch screen would for prototyping. We really are looking for a bit smaller display and higher resolution than the uLCD-43DCT. We have ordered your uOLED-160-G2, uOLED-128-G2 and uOLED-96-G2 we will be experimenting with the different displays to see which one gives us the best effect. For now we will have the capacitive touch pad off board. When the time is right we will contact you about the embedded products.
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