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    I would like to have a theme option for designing a UI. Being able to have all the BUTTONS, GAUGES, FONTS, COLORS.........etc saved for later use. And it would be even better to have that option for our customers that we sell product to. If they could either download or design their own theme. It would be great to change the look and feel on the fly.

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    Hello Monito

    I am not really sure what you area meaning to be honest. You have used our software before right?

    Everything you design for the module to display, is done at Design time, not Run Time. Our graphic processors do not have the resources available like smartphones etc, to be able to change things like 'Theme' on the fly by the user. To do this would mean that every single possible theme you would want, has to be preloaded in the module. Sure you can do this to an extent, however you would only have whatever you defined at Design Time available for the User to select, and I would imagine the code to achieve this would be quite elaborate, given you would have to duplicate all the gauges, sliders, fonts, colours for everything multiple times, so they are pre-designed and available for selection.

    I hope this gives you some context about the technology.
    So yes, you could do somewhat of what you are looking for, but there would be no way for the User to design their own theme at run time, thats for sure.
    That is unless your customers had your Workshop4 application, knew exactly what to do, what to edit, and how to edit and then upload - of which I dont think you are wanting to go there.
    You could have multiple versions of your program I suppose, with different gauges, colours, fonts etc, and you let the customer download the appropriate one to the module.

    Maybe some more information would help, what are you trying to achieve as a end product exactly?